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Sam Spade 49 04 10 The Stopped Watch Caper

Spade takes on the case of a woman who claims to receive threatening letters, which she can never find, and suddenly dies right in front of him.


Reviewer: Jonnie King - - December 1, 2014
Subject: "SAM SPADE": Howard Duff WAS Radio's "Sam Spade" !
My Review Title says it all ! Howard Duff played many different roles during his career: On Radio, In Films, and, On TV. But the character he created in role of "Sam Spade, Detective", and the resulting Episodes of that Series, were probably his most iconic, legendary body-of-work. No one could do it better. Period.
Reviewer: solos42 - - November 23, 2014
Subject: why so few Sam Spade Single Episodes?
One Sam Spade radio episode is not enough when Howard Duff made many. More=please
Reviewer: swampskunk1313 - - June 22, 2014
Subject: Sam Spade
If you want more Sam Spade, you will have to go to RadioEchos. But you will only find 67 episodes. That is all that was in the Certified set that used to be here. I have the single episodes as well as the Certified set. Unfortunately, most of the shows are missing. Any of the shows are worth 5 stars!
Reviewer: Pablo Fanque - - June 20, 2014
Subject: Sam Spade episodes
Where at Internet Archive are the rest of the
221+ episodes ??
Am I using the wrong search termss ??
("Sam Spade")
Any help for a "newbie" would be appreciated.
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